#044 – Secular Life Coaching with Jerry Dewitt

On this episode Bobby C and Jerry D discuss the benefits and negative connotations of Secular Life Coaching. Jerry gives excellent advise to a listener who is facing divorce after 13 years of marriage.


#038 – How to deal with criticism in everyday life with Rev. Alex Moreschi

We all deal with some type of criticism in our everyday lives. It’s not “if” it comes in our life but “when”. Bobby and guest host, Rev. Alex Moreschi, discuss how to handle criticism in a positive and productive way.

#031 – New Beginnings

On this episode Bobby C and Jerry D are joined by Ms. Ashley of No Religion Required to discuss new Beginnings: Making and keeping resolutions, finding your feet again after stumbling and knowing when and how to let go the past.

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#029 – An Atheist Christmas Family Survival Guide w/ Angie Mansfield

Bobby and Jerry welcome author, blogger and HAF webmaster Angie Mansfield to discuss her recent article titled An Atheist Christmas Family Guide posted at http://hopeafterfaithpodcast.com/atheist-christmas-survival-guide/