#024 – Hope After Trump

Many people arose this morning to find that a majority of our fellow Americans made, what most in our community would claim to be, a terrible mistake for our country. It’s no secret that anxieties from the outcome of the election are elevated today. Many in our community started this day filled with, what I would call, justifiable fear. Fear that all of the progress that has been made over the last eight years will now be destroyed at the hands of a racist, bigoted, homophobic maniac that is now our president elect. You’re fear and your anxiety are definitely justified.
So with that being said, Jerry and I had planned to continue the series on Pentecostalism but we feel that what is truly needed in this time of extreme stress is a life coaching episode with the HOPE that we can help alleviate some of your fear and anxiety.
Most of all Remember: regardless of what tomorrow holds, you always have family right here at Hope After Faith to show love and support for you and yours. The future may look grim but with the love and support from a strong community we can AND WILL overcome. We love you all dearly and thank you for choosing to share your life with Jerry and I.

One thought on “#024 – Hope After Trump”

  1. I truly know now that you guys areally the true reason Secular humanism is the best path to a lifew without hate and full of hope in spite of all the mess in our only world.
    Last week and dear friend of mine died due to an accident while getting some medical treatment. Then Tuesday night into Wednesday morning it United States of America decided to break up with me and half of the population. Thursday was the funeral in which our band that she was a part of played for. And I haven’t been close to getting out of this slump until late this show. Thanks for all you do and you have a new patron.

    Love you guys.
    Henry King

    You can use my name if you want. I am proud to have you in this world along side me.

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