#013 – Pt 2 of 3/ Do Christians know the New Testament?

In this episode, Bobby and Jerry continue their three part series on Do Christians know the New Testament? Jerry explains the two different salvation stories and two separate Christianity’s within the New Testament specifically the book of Galatians.

One thought on “#013 – Pt 2 of 3/ Do Christians know the New Testament?”

  1. I am so happy y’all are doing these segments. I grew up VERY Southern Baptist and VERY Presbyterian PCA. I never thought I should have just blind faith. Never liked the books about feelings and all that woo-woo. I searched apologetics all my life. I read Schaeffer, Sproul, McDowell, Piper, Jay Adams, the works of Calvin…. It is a comfortable place for me to hear someone who understands the world of the church. It may sound strange, but knowing someone understands all the stuff I studied all my life makes me feel “at home”. ( Don’t get me wrong, I love all I am learning in the atheist movement!!)

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